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Jade Collection

Jade is an extremely lucky stone. Linked with the heart chakra, it is often gifted as a symbol of love and friendship, encouraging the wearer to turn their dreams into reality by boosting confidence and creativity.

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Aquamarine collection

Aquamarine, March's beautiful birthstone is known as the stone of calm and courage. The pale blue tone is perfect for Spring and a popular choice for 'something blue' bridal gifts.

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Laser cut brass Collection

With charms ranging from celestial to botanical (and beyond) this collection works cohesively, seamlessly linking the themes between each of the upcycled gemstone collections.

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Absolutely stunning earrings and such a beautiful gift. Customer service was incredible and they were so sweet. Definitely buying from here again - I love everything about this store so much!!!


Jemma made me the most gorgeous custom set for my fiancee's birthday and they're perfect!! So delicate and beautiful! They'll be worn on our wedding day. Gemma was lovely to talk with and took all my requests into consideration. The jewellery came quickly, packaged perfectly. Thank you so much 


I absolutely love my jade earrings and necklace! They look great and are made very well! Great customer service and items were shipped right away to California.
Thanks Jemma!