Upcycled Gemstone Jewellery, handmade in Brighton


Welcome to Toba ~ an eco conscious jewellery brand with a passion for upcycling and sustainability at its core.

Every piece of jewellery I make is designed and hand crafted with love and attention to detail, in my home studio by the sea.
I use a variety of materials in my jewellery making to create a unique, timeless collection that can be worn everyday. From upcycled gemstones, preloved glass beads and vintage freshwater pearls, to precious metals and intricate laser cut brass charms, each piece is made to order to ensure that every component is used to its fullest potential (or recycled).

Where did the name 'Toba' come from?

It's a combination of my nephew (Toby) and niece's (Amy) names! I had lot of ideas for names early on, but I loved the feel of 'Toba' and the way it looked written down. I used to be called 'Toba Jewellery' but decided that if I ever wanted to expand my product range later down the line, i'd need a name that allowed for that. I love Brighton and it's where I'm based...so that seemed like an obvious solution.

How / where did you learn Jewellery making?
I'm self taught...but from years and years of experimenting and playing with materials. I studied art (and later fashion) but it was my love of making fiddly little items that always captured my imagination the most. Once I combined that with my passion for sustainability and upcycling, I found a match made in heaven.

Any tips for fellow shop owners?

Be willing to adapt, grow and learn. My shop has definitely benefitted from me giving myself the space to develop. Collaboration is also hugely important in my opinion. Surrounding yourself with like minded creatives is so inspiring.

Oh, and love what you do! Because before you know it, it will take up ALL of your time :)